Discontinued Series

Whilst Sanmar can always celebrate the importance of its early tug designs as integral to its success, the past has inevitably to make way for the future. Progress is not inevitable, it is up to us to create it and often, progress is not to be found in enhancing what is, but advancing toward what will be.

So, it is with enormous pride and not a little fanfare that we have decided to discontinue our early Sanmar, Dogancay and Ulupinar Series which to date have accounted for 31, 26 and 20 units built and delivered respectively since 1995. In their place, customers will find a new breed of tug optimised for the modern demands of power, performance, manoeuvrability and reliability. Designs that meet today’s challenges of greater fuel efficiency, lower emissions and crew comfort without compromising on build quality and toughness.

Sanmar is confident that their replacements the Bozcay, Yenicay, and Sirapinar classes will achieve the same level of acceptance and success with discerning clients worldwide and invite you to learn more in our product section.





Doğançay 25.25 m

The Dogancay class tugboats designed for ship handling purposes and are also equipped with remote operated Towing Winch and Towing Pins for heavy towing purposes...Learn more ›

Designer / Model Robert Allan Ltd. / TS 25/45
Length o.a 25.30 m
Beam moulded 8.60 m
Draft navigational 3.90 m
Fuel oil capacity 88.6 m3
Main engine power 2 x 1.230 kW
Speed ahead 13.0 knots
Bollard pull ahead 45 tons

Ulupınar 24.40

The Ulupınar Class tugs are twin Z-drive, diesel-powered tugs designed for maximum efficiency in the performance of ship-handling duties for tankers, bulk carriers and ...Learn more ›

Designer / Model Robert Allan Ltd. / RAmparts 2400
Length o.a 24.40 m
Beam moulded 9.15m
Draft extreme 4.80 m
Fuel oil capacity 73 m3
Main engine power 2 x 1.230 kW
Speed ahead 12.5 knots
Bollard pull ahead 45 tons

Sanmar Series 18.28 m

Sanmar series tugboats were originally designed by Robert Allan Ltd. for rendering shipdocking service in Vancouver harbour. These tugs feature exceptional response... Learn more ›

Sanmar Series
Designer / Model Robert Allan Ltd./TS 18/30
Length o.a 18.28 m
Beam moulded 7.00 m
Draft navigational 3.50 m
Fuel oil capacity 27.2 m3
Main engine power 2 x 820 kW
Speed ahead 12.0 knots
Bollard pull ahead 30 tons