SANMAR in house design office, use Nupas-Cadmatic 3D design software for hull and outfitting modelling in order to foresee and solve future problems. This process could provide more “do it right the first time” efficiency & verification benefits in a robust design in order to ensure the correct installation of machinery, outfitting and piping components and also provide customer satisfaction.

Nupas is used to draw the model for steel construction. The tugboats 3d model and the equipment foundations are formed with this program.

The model that has been created with Nupas is transfered to Cadmatic for equipment installation and piping fittings. Isometric pipings drawings are created with Cadmatic. The whole process is followed as;

(1) 2D Contract Design created by Robert Allan
(2) 3D Hull modelling & nesting
(3) 3D Outfitting & Detailed Piping with part list preparation
(4) 3D Hull+Outfitting Arrangement & Verification
(5) 3D Final Assembling
(6) 2D Workshop & Isometric drawings