Operations have begun at Asyaport, a new greenfield container terminal located in Barbaros/Tekirdağ, Turkey. Built by Asya Port Liman A.S, a joint venture between Global Terminal Limited, part of the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) group, and the Turkish Soyuer family, the port’s berthing and unberthing operations are being carried out by a pair of Bogacay Class fire-fighting tugs from Sanmar Shipyards. Designed exclusively for the builder by Robert Allan Limited, Kumbag and Barbaros are the 13th and 14th example of this increasingly popular ASD model which is based on the succesful Ulupinar Series but with increased beam to give improved stability and accommodate larger Caterpillar engines to attain bollard pulls ranging from 60 to 75 tonnes as required.

Measuring 24.4m long with a beam of 11.25m, Bogacay Class ASDs show all the hallmarks of a Robert Allan Ltd design with massive input from the builder/operator with numerous clever touches to the layout to ensure maximum crew comfort in a relatively compact space.

Sanmar also built and provided a 9m mooring boat as part of the same contract.