The 53rd Annual Meeting of the European Tugowners Association – ETA 2016 was held in Edinburgh, Scotland from 11th of May to the 13th of May.

In store for this important event hosted under the auspices of full member SVITZER was a combination of an enchanting city rich in culture and history, an interesting and thought provoking conference theme; a busy agenda for discussion at the meetings and last but not least local traditionally oriented entertainment; all of which providing an excellent opportunity to bring members and guests to meet and network over these three days.

The 2016 ETA conference  ‘The Changing Face of the European Towage Industry: Challenges or Opportunities’ has focused into the current changing trends that the towage industry is facing, the upcoming challenges or opportunities, broadly looked at from the regulatory/legal, market, commercial, technical and operational perspective.

Every year the Annual Meeting offers an opportunity for the European operators and other important stakeholders in the towage industry to meet with a view to discuss topics that directly affect the sector. It is also a great opportunity to network.

Sanmar Shipyard was one of the main sponsors of the meeting as well.


Photos: From left to right, Ali Gürün, Luca Vitiello, Alberto Delle Piane