As SANMAR, our basic principle is to eliminate possible risks at their sources, if that is not possible, reduce them to minimum tolerable levels. And during our processes, we aim to eliminate or minimize negative impacts on environment.



Sanmar has considerable technological prevention measures to ensure safety and minimize environmental impact in its shipyards

  • The shipyard electrical distribution system is supplied by isolated copper busbars.
  • A regenerative frequency inverter is integrated to the system used in launching vessels, giving energy savings during braking.
  • 7-24 security system supported by CCTV full monitoring system.
  • Sanmar ensures shipyard safety with a central ring-piping system for gases (LNG, O2, CO2), air, fire, and water, using global color-coding and safety couplings, plus adequate illumination for sensitive processes.
  • Ailtered internal ventilation system where dusty and smoky air is sucked and filtered by an effective filtering system and released into the air through the chimney which is 3 meters above the shipyard ceiling by ensuring the full conformity with legal mandatory regulations.
  • Sludge and oily water is collected at the end of the shipyard for preventing the sea pollution and stored in sludge tanks until disposing according to legal HSE regulations.
  • Segregation and disposing for hazardous or recyclable waste are applied perfectly.

To achieve our annual company targets about HSE, we are;

  • Establishing documented, audited and maintained HSE Management System,
  • Creating HSE consciousness throughout  the company by daily toolbox talks, and updated job safety analyses,  change management, continuous risk assessments and high intensive internal communications,
  • Being in full compliance with local & international HSE rules and legislations; including Personnel Protective Equipment usage,
  • Implementing safety permits and ambient measurements system for the critical hazardous processes
  • Assessing the risks and hazards, and taking appropriate and timely action with a  proactive approach on people, invest, environment and reputation,
  • Striving to improve our safety culture with a planned training program for all our personnel and leading them to reach the actual theoretical  knowledge, competency & practical experience,
  • Investigating near misses, injuries, unsafe acts, other HSE accidents  and taking corrective actions for a permanent protection system,
  • Applying a programmed safety maintenance and calibration system for the main structure items as overall cranes, fork-lifts and their accessories, pressurized tanks etc.
  • Executing an effective health control and rehabilitation system by ensuring the infirmary services and the continuous supports of contracted health organizations,
  • Performing “Green” purchasing & production facilities,
  • Promoting the best practices to motivate the workers,
  • Tugboat Services are also fully equipped by HSE accoutrements and preventions according to international ship and harbor safety regulations.
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