Navigating Tomorrow, Preserving Today.

We have with a vision that embraces sustainability as a fundamental principle. As we continue our journey towards a more sustainable SANMAR with determined steps, we are pleased to publish our first Sustainability Report prepared under the guidance of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Our sustainability report encompasses the steps we have taken in environmental, social, and economic realms, showcasing how our business activities contribute to a sustainable future. Explore our efforts to reduce environmental impacts, focus on social responsibility, and strengthen economic sustainability by reviewing our report. The information we share is a reflection of a transparent and responsible management approach. We look forward to continuing to share the steps our company is taking to achieve our sustainability goals with you.



HSE Culture

At SANMAR, ensuring safety, health, and environmental protection is our top priority. We believe in addressing risks at their roots and minimizing them whenever possible. Throughout our operations, we are dedicated to reducing negative environmental impacts.


Safety Is Our First Priority At All Times

Our shipyards are equipped with advanced technology to prevent accidents and minimize our environmental footprint. Additonaly, we are constantly improving our safety culture with a carefully designed and repeating training program for all our personnel in order to provide them with the theoretical  knowledge, competency & practical experience.




As Sanmar, we lead the industry with our commitment to high quality, customer satisfaction, and reliability. We achieve this exceptional quality through two main approaches

Product Quality;

Every vessel we build is delivered on time, according to the project plan, and meets the requirements of international regulations and classification rules. Sanmar develops its quality knowledge day by day with more than 45 years of knowledge, cooperation with IACS member classification societies, feedback from its global customer network and the experience of its own fleet.

Our meticulously planned and fully equipped shipyards integrate numerous technological applications and advancements, ensuring a high-quality production capability. All manufacturing processes take place within enclosed workshops, guaranteeing optimal conditions for precision and efficiency. In order to ensure the quality of the final product, commissioning activities, “Dock and Sea trials” are carried out with a precisely prepared ITP-Inspection Test Plan.;

Integrated Management System;

The Integrated Quality-HSE Management System at Sanmar covers all procedures of every stage and process of shipyard production facilities. Sanmar's well-implemented and continuously developed integrated management system is applicable for "Shipbuilding & After-Sales Service & Tugboat and Pilotage Services". All of the employees are knowledgeable of the Quality Policy in Sanmar, and all processes are executed in accordance with this policy.