A second more powerful version is available for early delivery

Kinaki is the first of the Sanmar Delicay tug series and the tug is currently on its way by heavy lift ship to New Zealand from the builder’s Turkish yard. Built by Sanmar to the innovative TRAktor-Z 2500 SX (Sanmar eXclusive) design by Robert Allan Limited, the tugboat also has considerable technical input from the builder. However, unlike the more common ASD configuration, this series has forward mounted Z-drives in tractor format designed for maximum efficiency in both harbour, ship-handling and towing duties.

Built to ABS certification and New Zealand flag requirements, the new vessel is being shipped to its new owner, Port Taranaki Ltd, located on the west coast of North Island, New Zealand.

The flexibility of this brand new design allows for a series of options to be added or deducted based on individual owner requirements. The Delicay series can be supplied with either 60 tonnes or 70 tonnes bollard pull – Kinaki is equipped with the lower power option at 60 tonnes to meet this customer’s particular requiremnts. A 70 tonne bollard pull version of this model is also very close to completion enabling any interested operator to take advantage of an exceptionally quick delivery.

Measuring 25.3m overall with a beam of 12m and maximum draft of 6.1m; the first of the new series is powered by a pair of 3512CTier II Caterpillar engines, each developing 1902kW at 1,800 rev/min. These turn Rolls Royce Z-drive azimuthing thrusters with 2,500mm diameter propellers to give a trials performance of 62 tonnes bollard pull ahead and a free-running speed of 11 knots. A main engine driven Fi Fi system from FFS of 1400m3/hr is fitted but full FiFi1 can be incorporated if required. Twin Caterpillar C4.4 generator sets are installed.

Despite its compact nature, the wide experience of both Robert Allan Limited and Sanmar has given the vessel an air of spaciousness throughout the fully air conditioned accommodation which comprises three twin berth cabins, all with en suite facilities, separate galley and mess/TV room (with enough seating for the entire crew plus guests).

Attention to detail is particularly obvious in the wheelhouse where most components can be be raised and lowered to suit the operator’s convenience. This applies to the Furuno radar screens, engine control consoles and CCTV monitors. Adjustable ‘sliders’ enable the position of the controls to be positioned for maximum operational comfort.

Kinaki also has highly effective deck machinery fit-out comprising an aft towing winch by DMT with an 187 tonne brake load. Each drum carries 150m of 60mm Dyneema rope along with a 15m pennant. There are two vertical capstans by Data Hidrolic and a Palfinger boom type deck crane is also fitted. The fendering arrangement aboard this first vessel is exactly to this customer’s rather special requirements. Sanmar’s standard fender scheme (as being employed on the second example of his series) comprises W-fender, fore and aft, and replacing the side tyre fenders with D-fendering.

Port Taranaki is at the centre of New Zealand’s petrochemical industry and is primarily an export port for methanol and other petrochemical products as well as import of dry bulk product supporting the local agricultural sector. Up until the arrival of Kinaki, its tug complement comprised there tractors.

Grant Squire, Port Taranaki Limited’s Marine Engineer who is overseeing the project says “Sanmar and Robert Allan have delivered us a high quality vessel with excellent performance which will integrate well into our existing fleet of tractor tugs.”