LNG Powered Escort Tugs

Sanmar constructed the world’s first Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) powered escort tugs. The new vessels, Borgøy and Bokn, are designed by the Norwegian tug owner Buksér og Berging AS. These are the first tugs to be fuelled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) .&nbsp&nbsp Learn more ›

LNG Powered Escort Tug
Designer Bukser og Berging
Model LNG Fueled Terminal Tug
Length o.a 35 m
Beam (Max) 15.4 m
Depth 7.5 m
Draft 5.50 m
Main engine power 2 x 1705 kW
Speed ahead approx. 13.5 knots
Class DNV +A1-E0-Gas Fueled, Tug Escort (100, 10) – OILREC, – FIFI I GMDSS Area 3