Since 1976, our company has continuously developed, creating value through innovation and thereby ensuring it remains at the forefront of ongoing technological advances. We joined this exciting venture almost 30 years ago and, as the company approaches 50, we are proud and honoured to have been part of our company’s many achievements.

The enthusiasm of that very first day almost half a century ago has been maintained, and indeed blossomed. With product and service quality being its primary aim, SANMAR’s competitive power around the world has grown significantly with the extensive penetration of global export markets.

Throughout the years, we have accomplished world-class projects in the field of tugboat building, while also achieving the highest standards in the fields of harbour towage and pilotage services.

In the three shipyards we own and operate, SANMAR produces excellence, using our decades of experience in a more dynamic way and with a more corporate approach; utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and practices. Thanks to our new organization, we have successfully developed our Quality and our Health, Safety and Environmental awareness levels to become a role model in the sector.

Having built and delivered almost 300 tugboats including many ground-breaking vessels, we are now building a new range of low and zero-emission technologically advanced tugboats, both with alternative cleaner fuels and with full battery electric power solutions.

We hereby extend our thanks to all our customers, employees, and suppliers for their contribution and support in working with us towards our aim of a successful and sustainable future.