IBAC, which provides training to participants on international business awareness and ethical principles in the context of international business, was held for the 15th time this year. This was the first time an IBAC course was held in Istanbul, where the executives in training visited the major appliance manufacturer and supplier Arçelik and Turkey’s number one tug-boat builder Sanmar.

During the visit, IBAC participants had the opportunity to find out about Sanmar’s operations, management principles and corporate activities that involve cultural exchange during a presentation given by Sanmar Project Director Ali Gürün.

Gürün, who shared his experiences in project management with the participants, said it is highly important to be sensitive towards different cultural approaches when working with people from different countries or backgrounds. “In our increasingly global world, often, you have many people from different countries working on the same project. One needs to understand everyone and respect everyone’s sensitivities as a part of the project team. It is important to keep in mind while motivating people to work on the same project that what we are dealing is our job, but everybody has a personal life. We at Sanmar try to show utmost care to ensure that everyone can put their maximum into a project by harmonizing our business principles with global standards.”
Gürün also noted that Sanmar’s business volume has grown significantly over the past years.

Additionally, he provided information on the company’s long-standing cooperation with Rolls-Royce. “We have built more than 11 0 vessels up until today and we have used Rolls-Royce equipment in over 80 tug boats. Working together with Rolls-Royce has always brought success to us. Although Sanmar is a family company, it has stood by the globally held principles on conducting business and this way, it has become a truly corporate enterprise. We will have delivered 18 tugboats by the end of this year working togethe with Rolls-Royce. We have 34 more tugboats in our orderbooks for the next two years. This means that we will continue to work with Rolls-Royce on different projects in the period ahead.”

IBAC participants also had the chance to take a tour of Sanmar Shipyard following Gürün’s presentation The participants said they were greatly impressed by the information provided by Gürün on Sanmar’s activities and the shipyard itself. Many of them said they were happy to have had the chance to visit a shipyard chosen as a business partner in Turkey by Rolls-Royce and to have been able to observe its operations first-hand.

Head of Rolls-Royce Executive Development, Geraldine Harrison, provided information on this year’s IBAC program, saying the participants took a two-week course in Turkey. “Rolls-Royce employees from different parts of the world are attending this course. And the really unique aspect of the IBAC programme is that we get the chance to learn alongside customers. We are further enhancing the career development of our Rolls-Royce participants by inviting 10 executives from companies Rolls-Royce does business with in Turkey. It is very exciting for our leaders to learn withTurkish colleagues and provides great mutual benefit.” Harrison said the IBAC course includes executive education by the Darden School of business, presentations, group work and visits to local businesses. She noted that the program, gives Rolls-Royce the opportunity to engage talented mid-level executives in the principles and practices of global business.

Harrison also said Rolls-Royce is happy to have a strong business partner like Sanmar. She also noted that the company is proud of seeing Sanmar tugboats that have Rolls-Royce engines and propellers installed. “Turkey has become such an important global player with its increasing potential for business and represents an important market for Roll-Royce. Harrison thanked Sanmar for participating in the project and the hospitality they have displayed towards IBAC participants.
Morten Thuen Bjørke, Head of Contract Management at Rolls-Royce Marine AS, who is also leading the IBAC team this year, said he was very happy to be in Turkey as part of the program. “We have learned so much about the culture and business potential of the country during these two weeks.”
Thuen said as a marine industry executive at Rolls-Royce, the shipyard visit has been particularly exciting for him. He said that Sanmar is one of the most important customers of Rolls-Royce, adding that he believes there will be further opportunities to do more business in Turkey for Rolls-Royce. He also said he believed Turkey has great potential in LNG engines and dual-fuel engine technologies. “I think Rolls-Royce will further increase its share in the Turkish market in the future.

As a Norwegian, it has also been interesting for me to see the business capacity of Norwegian companies in Turkey. The vessels that are built here will actually serve in a sea near my home.” Senior Director, Executive Education at the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia Nancy Dunnells said IBAC has benefited a large number of executives significantly over the past years under the leadership of Rolls-Royce. She also noted that the IBAC team was greatly impressed by the quality of business they witnessed at Sanmar. “Particularly, Sanmar’s passion for their business shows that visiting this shipyard has been a good decision for us,” she said. She also noted that the visit to Sanmar has highlighted the importance of visits to local enterprises as part of the program, saying that the presence of participants from companies other than Rolls-Royce increases business interactivity for the participants. She said the University of Virginia, one of the oldest educational establishments in the US, supports Rolls Royce’s IBAC courses with its lecturers and instructors. Finally, feedback from IBAC alumni indicates that the course has a significantly positive impact on the career development of participating executives and many have gone on to take on significant new responsibilities for Rolls-Royce.