Sanmar has delivered tugboats Sanmar 26 and Sanmar 29 to operate at Karasu Port, Turkey.

Both of the tugs have been in Sanmar’s fleet and operating succesfully.

Sanmar series tugboats were originally designed by Robert Allan Ltd. for rendering ship docking service in Vancouver harbour. These tugs feature exceptional response, manoeuvrability and stability and now are being built with increased accommodation facilities for crew comfort.

Aluminium structure wheelhouse located amidships, provides 360° visibility and accommodates the tug’s all manoeuvring controls as well as navigational and operational electronics.

High aspect four rudder flaps powered by Main Engine PTO driven hydraulic pumps, contribute much on the exceptionally fine manoeuvrability. With the simple but robust structure, high power to size ratio, Sanmar series tugboats can be efficient solutions for most demanding harbour and coastal services.

  • Length overall                                     =18.28 m
  • Breadth moulded                                 = 7.60 m
  • Depth moulded                                    = 2.91 m
  • Draft extreme                                       = 3.44 m

Karasu Port started operating in 2016. The port has an important role in contributing to the development of commerce in the Black Sea Region. It will be one of the biggest ports in Blacksea, connecting Black Sea to Mediterranean Sea.