Sanmar has announced two new series of ASD tugs which meet the requirements of the under 24m rule. These new models, all Robert Allan Limited designs, build on the phenomenal success of the builder’s 45 to 50 tonne bollard pull Ulupinar series of which 15 have now been constructed.

2400 SX model, an exclusive Sanmar design, is closest to the Ulupinar but with a 2m increase in beam over the same length. This ensures greater performance as well as stability from more powerful Caterpillar engines coupled to larger Rolls-Royce Z-drives. The new versions will give 60 or 70 tonnes bollard pull depending on the propulsion system size selected by the customer.

The second series, 2400 PO model is a shallower draft broad beamed ASD intended for in-harbour operations configured primarily as a day boat although accommodation can be included if required. It utilises the same propulsion options as the Marmara Series to give either 60 or 70 tonnes bollard pull.