Ulupinar XIII has been delivered to operate at Port of Mersin

One of its most impressive designs, the Ulupinar Series, is a compact 50-tonne bollard pull ASD, exclusive to Sanmar, which is the result of a number of brain storming sessions between the renowned Robert Allan Limited team of naval architects and Sanmar’s own experienced engineers led by Sanmar Board member Ali Gurun.

Further intelligent ideas were incorporated into the design of Ulupinar during the vessel’s fit-out at Tuzla Bay and these have remained integral to the standard design ever since.

Expansion of trade at the Port of Mersin on Turkey’s southern coast where Sanmar secured the harbour towage contract in 2007 has caused the company to deliver Ulupinar XIII to join its own operation at the Port in the certain knowledge that it would be the best tool for the job.
Measuring 24.40 m in length overall with a beam of 9.15 m, Ulupinar XIII is a compact and agile tugboat powered by a tried and tested propulsion system comprising a pair of Caterpillar 3512B diesels, each developing 1,650hp at 1,800 rev/min. These turn Rolls-Royce type US 155FP Z-drives with 2,000mm diameter propellers inside Kort nozzles. This configuration gives a bollard pull of 45 tonnes and a free-running speed of 13 knots.

Ulupinar XIII has one single drum aft and one split durm forward winches fitted to ensure operational versatility, one forward, the other aft – both of 100-ton brake load. A towing hook and a set of towing pins from the highly regarded local manufacturer, Data, are also fitted, together with a Palfinger deck crane and a 600m3/hr Skum fire monitor.

Much of the Sanmar input into the design concentrates on crew comfort with special care given to reducing noise and vibration and excellent living quarters for a total complement of six persons. The galley and mess layout deserve special mention for clever use of the available space.

Of the Ulupinar series built so far, nine have been exported. The first boat went to Schramm in Germany and was followed by a repeat order. Several minor modifications were made to the initial design to meet strict German standards and these have been incorporated in all the boats so far completed including three which made their way to the Dominican Republic, one to Russia and three to Lamnalco of the UAE.