Project Description


Doğançay TS 25/45
Length o.a 25.25 m
Beam moulded 8.60 m
Depth moulded 4.0 m
Engine power 2 x 1230 kW
Speed ahead approx. 12 knots
Bollard pull ahead approx. 45 tons

The Dogancay class tugboats were designed for ship handling purposes and also equipped with remote operated Towing Winch and Towing Pins for heavy towing purposes. They are designed for providing ship docking service as well as emergency deep sea towage in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, with the intention to provide highly versatile tug for different tasks. With remote operation devices from wheelhouse three men crew is enough for operation in coastal waters.

Propulsion is by two identical high-speed marine diesel engines, each driving through a reverse-reduction gearbox to a solid propeller located in a thrust-augmenting nozzle aft. Steering is by two sets of high aspect ratio twin rudders, one set located abaft each nozzle (Two rudders on each side).

Download the detailed technical specification for DOĞANÇAY TS 25/45