Project Description


Gökçay Series 16 / 21 16 tons 21 tons
Length Overall 16.3 m 16.3 m
Breadth Moulded 7.4 m 7.4 m
Draft Max. 2.7 m 2.7 m
Fuel Oil 15 m3 15 m3
Main Engine Power 2 x 477 kW 2 x 651 kW
Speed Ahead (approx.) 10 knots 10 knots
Bollard PullAhead (approx.) 16 tons 21 tons


RApport 1600SX 16/21

The RApport 1600SX is a steel twin screw harbor tug designed for high performance at a competitive cost. Increased beam provides better stability and visibility from the wheelhouse is excellent in all directions. Conventional twin screw propulsion with twin nozzles and four rudders provide a bollard pull of up to 25 tonnes and excellent maneuverability. There are overnight accommodations in the forecastle far a crew of three including two cabins. pantry, mess. washroom with shower.
A 25 tonne tow hook is fitted on the aft deck for general towing duties. Double pipe bollards are fitted in the bulwarks for mooring, two forward and two aft. and stainless steel mooring rings in the bulwarks. Fendering is provided to suit each clients requirements with the standard being 250 mm “D” fenders at the sheer and vertical “W” fenders around the bow.
The RApport 1600SX is a safe, robust. and seaworthy tug ideal far general harbor duties. it meets all international and Class standards for construction and stability and is built to a very high standard of finish.

Technical Details

Length Overall 16.3 m
Breadth Moulded 7.4 m
Depth Moulded 3.3 m
Draft Moulded 2.2 m
Draft Max. 2.7 m
Fuel Oil 15 m3
Fresh Water 1.9 m3
Sewage Tank 1.4 m3
Oily Water 0.5 m3
Lube Oil Tank 0.5 m3
Main engines Caterpillar C18
Engine Power 2 x 447 kW @ 1800 rpm
Gerarbox WAF 264L with gear ratio 5,05:1
Propellers Kaplan 4 Blade Propeller, 1422 mm DIA,
Type 37 Kort Nozzle with
stainless steel inner surface
Shafting Stainless steel straight line shaft
Steering Gear Data Hydraulic Steering Gear
Resilient Mount Vulkan T12
Bollard pull (Ahead) 16 tons 21 tons
Speed (Ahead) 10 knots
10 knots
Make/model 2 x Caterpillar C4.4
Power 51 kW
Towing Hook Data hydraulic 0TH 15-30P, Pneumatic auto-release, Located on aft tow bitt
Capstan One vertical hydraulic capstan, 2 tonne line pull
Below deck, two double cabins, wc, shower and pantry. Floors covered with IMO approved teak imitating covering. Very high level of quality, comfart and safety suiting the requirements of flag authorities such as Germany, ltaly and U K.
Heavy duty rubber tender system as follows:
Stem W type
Sides D type
Stern D type
The vessel is equipped with a split type A/C system far both lower accommodation and wheelhouse.
Special care has been given to resilient mount all engines and essential equipment including hydraulic pipes. Sound levels are according to requirements of Flag Authorities
Fuel Separator
Vacuum Toilet
Heated windows and Wipers
Fresh water ultraviolet sanitizer
Heated floors for wet spaces
BV 1, +HULL, •MACH, TUG, IWS, Coastal Area

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