Project Description

Göksu RASCAL 1500

LOA (m) 14.95
Beam moulded(m) 8.30
Draft extreme (m) 3.10
Fuel oil (m3) 20.00
Main Engine Power (kW) 2×500
Speed ahead (knots) 9.5
Bollard Pull ahead (tons) 16


The RAscal Class of compact tugs have been developed exclusively by Robert Allan Ltd., to address the challenges of modern, high-performance Z-drive line-handling and smaller ship-handling tugs.  The RAscal hull form has been carefully developed, based on a wide array of previous successful tug designs, to ensure good sea-keeping, manoeuvrability, and stability in all modes of operation.

The RAscal 1500 design is a high performance, twin Z-drive, diesel-powered line-handling tug, designed for maximum efficiency in the performance of line-handling, ship-handling and related terminal support activities.  The vessel is equipped with heavy bow fendering for ship-assist work.  An aft staple and tow-hook are fitted aft for line-handling and general towing duties.

The hull, deckhouse, and wheelhouse are of all-welded steel construction with scantlings in excess of the minimums of any Classification Society.  The vessel is equipped with heavy duty deck equipment and all-round fendering for all ship-handling operations.

Technical Details

LOA 14.95 m
Beam moulded 8.3 m
Depth 3.0 m
Draft extreme 3.1 m
Draft hull 2.3 m
Fuel oil 20m3
Fresh water 2.1m3
Foam 1m3
Black Water 1.2m3
Grey Water 1.2m3
Oily Water 1m3
Ballast Water 20m3
Main Engines Caterpillar C18
Engine Power 2 x 500 kW
Thrusters Veth VZ-550 FP
Propeller Dia 1250mm
Nozzles Mild Steel with stainless steel inner surface
Shafting Vulkan – Carbon fiber
Resilient Mounts Vulkan T12-HA
Speed ahead 9.5 knots
Bollard pull ahead 16 tons
Gen sets 2 x CAT C4.4
Power 86kW

Fore Winch               Hydraulic driven TW-H50kN
Fully variable speed          30 m/min @ 2,5 ton pull
Hawser drum capacity      80 m length, dia 30 mm nylon rope in 4 layers.
Brake capacity                  50 tonnes
Remote auto-release (abort) system
Slack rope speed              30 m/min
Remote (wheelhouse) controls

RAscal 1500 class ASD vessels has towing capability on both fore and aft directions. The vessel has specially constructed with suitable arrangement to support towing operations on both directions.

Towing Hook
Data hydraulic               DTH 16-32P
Pneumatic auto-release
Located on aft staple

Data hydraulic               Vertical hydraulic capstan
2 tonnes line pull
300 mm diameter

Below deck, two double cabins, WC, shower. Floors covered with IMO approved teak imitating covering. Very high level of quality, comfort and safety suiting the requirements of Flag Authorities such as Germany, Italy and UK.
Special care has been given to resilient mount all engines and essential equipment including hydraulic pipes. Sound levels are according to requirements of Flag Authorities
All accommodation space is heated vented and air-conditioned
Special care has been given to resilient mount all engines and essential equipment including hydraulic pipes. Sound levels are according to requirements of Flag Authorities

Fire-fighting capability:    Electrical driven fi-fi pump
1xMain fire pump
Capacity:                         90m3/hour
Stainless steel water/foam monitor
Remote operated

Heavy duty rubber fender system as follows:
Bow          500 OD x 250 ID cylindrical
Stem         W type
Sides         D type
Stern         W type

Fuel Separator
Vacuum Toilet
Deck Crane
Heated windows and Wipers
Fresh water ultraviolet sanitizer
Heated floors for wet spaces
Gob eye
Fore mooring hooks (1 ton)
ABS, +A1, +AMS, Towing Vessel

View or download the detailed technical specification for GÖKSU RAscal 1500 below.

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