Project Description

Kocaçay RAstar 3200SX

Kocaçay RAstar 3200SX
Length Overall 32.0 m
Breadth Moulded 13.00 m
Draft Max. 5.50 m
Fuel Oil 166.4 m3
Main Engine Power Speed 2 X 2350 kW
Speed Ahead Approx. 13 knots
Bollard Pull Ahead 75+ tons

Kocaçay RAstar 3200SX

The RAstar 3200SX is a new variant of the proven RAstar Series of tugs from Robert Allan Ltd. Developed exclusively for Sanmar Shipyards; this new design has been optimized for cost efficient construction while still meeting the client’s need for customization.
The RAstar escort/offshore terminal tug designation is reserved for a distinctive class of very high-performance ASD tugs, designed with the unique sponsoned hull form developed exclusively by Robert Allan Ltd., which has been proven in both model and full-scale testing to provide significantly enhanced escort towing and seakeeping performance. Escort forces are enhanced by the effects of the sponsons as well as by the prominent foil-shaped escort skeg forward. Roll motions and accelerations are less than half those of comparable sized “standard” wall-sided tug hulls.
RAstar tugs will typically be high-powered, intended for demanding escort operations in exposed areas such as many LNG terminals where a high standard of seakeeping is required.
RAstarseries tugs are classified according to their approximate length, e.g. RAstar 3200 (32 metres lengthl. and a range of powers can be accommodated within each hull size according to the specific operational needs. Accordingly there may be beam variations with the same length.

Technical Details

Length overall 32.0 m
Breadth moulded 13.00 m
Depth moulded 5.47 m
Draft Max 5.50 m
Fuel oil 166.4 m3
Fresh Water 20.3 m3
Main engines Caterpillar 3516C
Engine Power 2 x 2350 kW ra 1800 rpm
Thrusters Rolls Royce US255
Propeller Diameter 2800 mm
Nozzles Mild Steel
Shafting Solid shafts including two cardan each end
Resileint Mounts Vulkan T60
Silencer -35Dba sound attenuation,spark arresting type
Bollard Pull (Ahead) 75+ tons
Bollard Pull (Astern) 75 tons
Speed (Ahead) 13 knots [approx.)
Gen Sets 3 x Caterpillar C4.4
Power 99 ekW
Aft Towing Winch

Single rope drum with band brake, brake rim with stainless steel lining.
One spooling gear suitable far 750m of dia. 52 mm steel wire and warping drum on one end.
One declutchable rope drum with band brake.
Brake holding load 220 tonnes Minimum performance (mid drum):
-Line pull at stall 80 tonnes
-Light line pull 10 tonnes
Light line speed 40 m/min

Fwd Escort Winch

Winch with two single rope drums. Drum brake surfaces are stainless steel coated.
Adjustable auto tension mode.
Wire capacity 220 m of dia. 68 mm synthetics rope
Rated towline force 130 tonnes
-Minimum performance low speed active haul in line pull:
100 tonnes at all line speeds up to 8m/min
-High speed active haul in line pull: 20 tonnes at all line speeds up to 40 mimin
-Light line speed: 75 m/min

Deck Crane

Marine grade hydraulic, knuckle-booml falding boom type crane,
– maximum reach 12.1 meters with lift up to 1 tonnes

Towing Pins

Flush type, hydraulic remote controlled with a SWL 80 tonnes

Unattended machinery space according to RiNA AUT-UMS notation. Alarm Display at mess room and chief engineer cabin. Extended operation of electrical system, essential pumps and engine room fans can be controlled from wheelhouse.
Magnetic compass, Gyro compass, Weather Station,Radar, Gps, Echo Sounder, Speed Log, Autopilot, Epirb, Sart, GMDSS Vhf, MF/HF, GMDSS Hand Held, VHF, Navtex, Fax Receiver, lnmarsat-C, AIS, BNWAS, GMDSS A2
Below deck, two cabins tor two officer and 2 crew cabin tor 4 crews with a laundry room.
Main deck, chief engineer and officer office with WC,galley and mess/lounge.
Floors covered with IMO approved teak imitating covering. Very high level of quality, comfort and safety suiting the requirements of flag authorities such as Germany, Italy and UK.
Fire-fighting capability to Fi-Fi 1 standard
1 x Main fire pumps 2x main engine driven fire pumps
Driven through clutched flexible coupling in front of main engine
1400m3lhour at 14 bar far each
Monitors -FFS foamlwater monitors
-Remote operated,electric controls
Heavy duty rubber tender system as follows:
Bow (2) 900 OD x 500 1D cylindrical, W type
Sides D type
Stern W type
All accommodation space is heated vented and air-conditioned by Heinen Hopman Engineering
IMO requirements
ISO standards referenced above
Base fresh air requirements on a minimum of 20 m3 /hour per person for each individual space, assuming maximum occupancy of the space
Secondary AC unit in wheelhouse
Cold climate package
Hot climate package
Special care has been given to resilient mount all engines and essential equipment including hydraulic pipes. Sound levels are according to requirements of Flag Authorities
Bilge Separator
0/0 Seperator
Vacuum Toilet
Solas Boat&Crane
Remote operated searchlights
Stainless Steel Galley
Two speed E/R fans with silencers
Heated windows and Wipers
Fresh water ultraviolet sanitizer
Heated floors for wet spaces
Double navigation lights
RiNA +C Escort Tug, +HULL, •MACH, Unrestricted Navigation, Towing, +AUT-UMS, Fire Fighting Ship 1 with water spray, IWS

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