Project Description

Sanmar Terminal RAstar 2800

RAstar 2800w 60 Tons 70 Tons 80 Tons
LOA (m) 28.20 28.20 28.20
Beam moulded(m) 12.60 12.60 12.60
Draft extreme (m) 4.90 5.10 5.30
Fuel oil (m3) 119 119 119
Main Engine Power (kW) 2×1765 2×2000 2×2525
Speed ahead (knots) 12.50 13.00 14.00
Bollard Pull ahead (tons) 60 70 80

RAstar 2800

The RAstar Escort/Offshore Terminal Tug designation is reserved for a unique class of very high-performance ASD tugs, designed with a sponsoned hull form, which has been proven in both model and full-scale testing and seakeeping performance.
The escort forces are enhanced by the effects of the sponson as well as the foil-shaped escort skegs fitted. Roll motions and accelerations are less than half those of comparable sized “standard” tug hulls. These tugs will typically be high-powered, and are intended for escort operations in weather and sea-exposed areas such as many new LNG terminals where a high standard of sea-keeping is required.

Technical Details

Length overall 28.20 m
Breadth moulded 12.60 m
Depth moulded 5.30 m
Draft extreme 5.4 m
Draft hull 4.0 m
Length overall 28.20 m
Breadth moulded 12.60 m
Depth moulded 5.30 m
Draft extreme 5.7 m
Draft hull 4.09 m
Fuel oil 119.90 m
Fresh water 12.90 m
Foam 12.00  m
Black Water 12.00  m
Grey Water 11.00  m
Oily Water 5.00  m
Ballast Water 86.00  m
Main Engines Caterpillar 3516 C HD
Engine Power 2 x 2000 kW @ 1600 rpm
Thrusters Rolls Royce US255 CP
Propeller Dia 2600 mm
Nozzles Mild Steel
Shafting Solid shafts
Resilient Mount VULKAN T60
Main Engines MTU 16V4000M63
Engine Power 2×2000 kW @1740 RPM
Thrusters SCHOTTEL SRP 1515 FP
Propeller Dia 2720 mm
Nozzles Mild Steel
Shafting Carbon Shafts
Resilient Mount VULKAN T60
Main Engines Caterpillar 3516 C HD
Engine Power 2 x 2525 kW @ 1800 rpm
Thrusters Rolls Royce US255 CP
Propeller Dia 2800 mm
Nozzles Mild Steel
Shafting Solid shafts
Resilient Mount VULKAN T60
Bollard Pull (Ahead) Approx 70 tons
Bollard Pull (Astern) Approx 68 tons
Speed (Ahead) 13.0 knots
Speed (Astern) 12.0 knots
Bollard Pull (Ahead) Approx 70 tons
Bollard Pull (Astern) Approx 67 tons
Speed (Ahead) 13 knots
Speed (Astern) 12 knots
Bollard Pull (Ahead) Approx 80 tons
Bollard Pull (Astern) Approx 78 tons
Speed (Ahead) 14.0 knots
Speed (Astern) 13.0 knots
Make/model 2 x Caterpillar C4.4
Power 86 ekW
Fore Winch

Hydraulic driven render/recovery type escort winch. Adjustable brake tension with a max capacity of 250 ton. Tension, length indication and alarms. Hydraulic power delivered by front end PTO of main engines. Rolls-Royce or DMT.

Haul-in, 1st speed: 72 ton @ 0 – 11 m/min
Haul-in, 2st speed: 10 ton @ 0 – 49 m/min

Aft Winch
Hydraulic Single drum towing winch with approx. 21 ton pull at 65 meter / minute. Break capacity of 230 ton. Can carry 700 meter 52mm towing wire. High capacity spool device. Tension and length indication. Rolls-Royce or DMT.

Electrical Fore Winch

Frequency controlled fore winch with double clutch able drum and fore staple to suit

Palfinger PK11001 (optional)

– Data Hydraulic DTH 75-135P or DTH 90-135P
– Pneumatic auto-release
– Located on capstan
– Marine type hydraulic or electrical driven
– Maximum pull 5 tons
Unattended machinery space according to ABS ABCU notation. LED panels at mess room and chief engineer cabin. Extended operation of electrical system, essential pumps and engine room fans can be controlled from wheelhouse.
Radar , GPS , DGPS , Echo Sounder, AIS , Chart Plotter , Magnetic Compass, Autopilot, Speed log , BNWAS , General Alarm, Intercom, SP telephone , Engine Telegraph, GMDSS A
Hands free operation of VHF’s
Hands free operation of intercom
Remote operation of VHF from messroom
Remote operation of VHF from captain’s cabin
IMO Radar with overlay
Aft monitor for radar
  • 2 x Main fire pumps :
    –   driven through clutched flexible coupling on front of each main engine
    –   Capacity; 1,400 m3/hour each
  • 2 x Monitors :
    –   FFS foam/water monitors
    –   Remote operated, electric controls
  • 1 x Main Fire Pump
    -2400 m3/hour
  • -CAT C32 Diesel Engine
  • 2 Monitors
    -FFS foam & water
    -Remote operated & electric controls
Heavy duty rubber fender system as follows:
– Bow – 800 OD x 400 ID cylindrical
– Stem – W type
– Sides – D type
– Stern – W type
Above deck captain and engineer cabins with ensuite WC & shower. Mess, lounge and seperated galley. Under deck, three double cabins with WC&shower and laundry. All cabins with desk, chair, arials for gsm and tv. Floors covered with IMO approved teak imitation covering. Very high level of quality, comfort and safety suiting the requirements of flag authorities such as Norway, Germany, Italy and U.K
All accommodation space is heated vented and air-conditioned according to ILO standards. Air is preheated before delivered in the cabins.
Secondary AC unit in wheelhouse

Increased airconditioning package for cold climates with optional double redundancy AHU and comperessors.

Increased heating package for cold climates with hot water radiator heaters at accommodation and gasoil burning boiler, main engine and/or generator diesel pre heaters, heated windows at wheelhouse, heated window wipers, wheelhouse windows demist fans.

Special care has been given to resilient mount all engines and essential equipment including hydraulic pipes. Sound levels are according to requirements of Flag Authorities
Bilge separator
Fuel seperator
Vacuum / Gravity toilet
Solas boat and crane
All wheelhouse windows with wipers
Deck capacity up to 5ton/sqm
Engineer call system
Twin double navigational lights facing fore and aft
Remote operated searchlights fore and aft
IP 67 lightning system on deck
Stainless steel galley seperated by steel bulkheads
High attenuation engine silencers
Double engine room fans
Fresh water ultraviolet sanitiser
Heated floors at sanitary spaces
ABS, +A1, +AMS, ABCU, Towing Vessel, Escort Service, Fire Fighting vessel class 1, Unlimited Navigation, UWILD

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SANMAR TERMINAL – RAstar 2800 60 / 70 / 80

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