Integrated Management System

Integrated Quality-HSE Management System in SANMAR covers the whole procedures of shipyard production facilities at every stage and harbor tugboat services as well.

It also concerns all the company & sub-contractor employees, including blue collar workers, technicians of workshops and staff members of departments such as design, purchasing, accounting and training, visitors, customer experts, class surveyors… Attitude and values of Integrated Quality-HSE Management System can be listed as follows;

  • Maintain a good team spirit and encourage effective, open and honest communication,
  • Be customer friendly and proactive towards Company and Interface Parties,
  • Identify problems by reaching their root causes as soon as possible and ensure that they are reported to the appropriate level for quick and permanent solutions.
  • Effective Quality-HSE Management and Process Quality Control of all processes under customer focus approach.

Sanmar has a well implemented and continuously developed integrated management system in “Ship Building & Tugboat Services” by the ownership of all personnel.

Sanmar has ISO 9001 certificate since 2002 by ABS, and develop the company systematic approach by an effective implementation ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements in 2011. This integrated management system has the certificated by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance in January 2012. The management system is applicable to: Shipbuilding, Tugboat Services, and After Sales Service.


Sanmar Shipyard, known as a “Role Model” in its sector, believes that permanent Customer Satisfaction leads to excellent work results. Company sees the sustainability of production & verification processes and customer satisfaction as crucial elements that have made possible the international success the company has enjoyed to date. The “Quality everywhere” principle is our best way to prevent the non-conformities from the beginning, by Customer Focus & Managing Processes by Objectives.

We believe that the key to fulfilling our commitments to our global customer base lies in creating value and promoting our image as a role model for others in our sector by keeping our document database detailed and always up-to-date; carrying out regular training programs for our excellent staff and suppliers; our goal-oriented approach to project management and our efficient, time and cost saving results achieved with a positive team spirit.

Sanmar’s well designed & projected new built shipyard is including many technological applications and developments. This results in high quality production capability. All of the production is carried out within covered workshop.

Every ship we build meet the requirements of international regulations, classification rules and it is delivered on time according to our project plans. Working with several different IACS member class societies and feedbacks coming from extensive global customer base make Sanmar’s Quality knowledge better & better.

Design is one of the key factors of efficient construction to decrease the rework hours and to produce vessels with highest quality.

Conformance with the required standards about ship building is judged on the basis of objective evidence as demonstrated by reviews, audits, surveillance and selected witnessing. This is to verify the technical integrity of the facility and that design, equipment and materials, construction, out-fitting, launching, and testing in the factory-shipyard & in the sea.

Commissioning activities are undertaken in a manner that will provide the quality of the end product, with monitoring of ITP-Inspection Test Plan as per prepared precisely.

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Sanmar Quality

Quality  Policy

All of the employees are conscious of the quality policy in SANMAR DENİZCİLİK and all processes are executed in accordance with this policy.

The “QUALITY EVERYWHERE” principle is our best way to prevent the non-conformities from the beginning, by Customer Focus & Managing the Processes By Objectives.


  • “UNDERSTANDING CUSTOMER DEMANDS” accurately and meeting all requirements timely
  • “PERFORMING WIDE TECHNICAL INFORMATION AND SUPPORT” at Design, Production, Operation and After Sale Service phases.
  • “PRODUCT AND SERVICE RESPONSIBILITY” principle, being in complete compliance and commitment to international standards & laws
  • “EDUCATED & EXPERT EMPLOYEES” by promoting their creativity
  • “CLOSE SUPPLIER RELATIONS” in order to develop their systems & technology.
  • “TEAM WORK” in which all shareholders  could participate
  • We believe in “CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT” approach.
  • “SAVING & EFFICIENY CONCIOUSNESS” at our Integrated Management System prevents “loss of any sources”.
  • “HIGH PERFORMANCE & EFFECTIVE WORK RESULTS” are being created for satisfaction of all shareholders as our customers, suppliers and employees.

Sanmar - Quality-policy