Sanmar Built “M/T Svitzer Amstel” Ready to Join Svitzer’s Fleet

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Sanmar Built “M/T Svitzer Amstel” Ready to Join Svitzer’s Fleet

M/T Svitzer Amstel (Boğaçay XII), constructed at Sanmar Shipyard Tuzla, is headed to join Svitzer’s fleet at the Port of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Designed by distinguished Canadian naval architects, Robert Allan Ltd, the relatively new exclusive Bogacay model is based on RAmparts 2400SX series exclusively developed for Sanmar Shipyard.

The vessel measures 24.4m x 11.25m with a 60 tonne bollard pull derived from a pair of 3512 C Caterpillar engines, each developing 1,765kW at 1,800 rev/min. connected to Rolls Royce azimuthing thrusters of US 205 FP type.

Svitzer has a fleet of 5 tugs serving in Amsterdam operated by Port Towage Amsterdam BV (PTA), a JV company owned equally by Svitzer and Iskes Towage. Since 1833, Svitzer has provided safety and support at sea. With 4,000 employees, a fleet of more than 400 vessels and operations all over the world, Svitzer is the global market leader within towage and emergency response.

“Given the varying tug requirements in Amsterdam depending on water depths and different areas of the port inside and outside the locks, Svitzer Amstel is a welcome addition to our diverse fleet strengthening our service capability and reliability. With 60 tons bollard pull, Svitzer Amstel has been ordered and built ready to serve the needs of the Port of Amsterdam.” says Rick Broersma, managing director Continental Europe for Svitzer Europe.

Sanmar has delivered two sister vessels to Svitzer in 2014 named as Bogacay II and Svitzer Tyne.

At the end of August 2015, Svitzer has also signed a newbuilding contract with Sanmar Shipyard for construction of six vessels, with delivery of the first one to be expected in Q4 2016. The vessels are 70 tonne bollard pull RAstar 2800-E Class ASD tugs being built to fulfil for Svitzer’s commitment to current and upcoming new contracts in various terminal towage markets.

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