We’re proud to work and build tugs at environment friendly Shipyards, both in Tuzla – Istanbul and Altınova – Yalova.

  • Sanmar has  an Environmental Policy, Environmental Risk Analyses, Hazardous Waste Management System and Chemical Management System in use according to ISO 14001.
  • Our aim is to minimize and/or eliminate negative impacts on the environment.
  • Sanmar never applies sandblasting in the open air.
  • Sanmar Shipyards have filtered ventilation for all closed construction area. Dusty and smoked air is sucked and filtered by the main air filtering system and released into the air through the chimneys.
  • Sludge and oily water is stored in sludge tank according to HSE regulations. The polluted water is collected by registered recycling companies and official documents are saved for records.
  • All chemical wastes are collected in secured storage cases. The stored wastes are delivered to authorised recycling companies with official documentation.
  • Recyclable wastes collected in a separate place and sent to an official company for recycling.
  • Environmental Drills planned and performed.

Lloyd’s Register Certificate of Approval