SANMAR’s Altınova Shipyard, taken into operation in 2015, is situated in Yalova, is about a 40-minute drive away over the Osman Gazi Bridge from Tuzla where SANMAR’s first building facility, the Sanmar Tuzla Shipyard, is located.

The facility covers approximately 50.000 m² in total of which 22.400 m² comprises a covered and closed production area. The infrastructure has been designed using the latest technology to ensure the maximum standards of health and safety and respecting the needs of the environment. SANMAR aspires to be the ‘greenest’ shipyard in Türkiye.

With its larger capacity, this modern facility is designed to construct larger and more sophisticated vessels like AHTSs, PSVs, offshore construction vessels and vessels using alternative fuels like LNG, as well as the extensive portfolio of tugboats which the shipyard already has a fine reputation for.

There is a RINA-classed floating dock that has been developed not only as a standard floating dock, but also as a tool to facilitate the launching of newly built vessels. With a deck reinforced to 10 tons/m² in order to take a 24-axle SMPT (heavy duty self-propelled modular trailer/carrier also known as Goldhofer), and its load, the dock has an unusually deep pontoon of 4 m, an inner beam of 28 m and a length of 83.80 m. It can lift a total of 3000 tons, however, provision has been so made in the design, enabling the dock, if required, as to be extended to 120 m and reach a lifting capacity of 5000 tons.


Total Area 50.000m2
Closed Area (Total) 22.400m2
CNC Cutting & Pre-assembly  2.400m2 (18 x 120m, h:12m)
Block Construction Hall 3.600m2 (28x120m, h:20m)
Tugboat Production Hall 2.400m2 (18 x 120m, h:24m)
Offshore Vessel Production Hall 3.600m2 (28x120m, h:30m)
Painting Hall 600m2 (20x30m, h:12m)
Blasting Hall 600m2 (20x30m, h:12m)
Multi-Purpose Workshop 1.000m2
Warehouse 3.000m2, in total (3 stories)
Offices & Social Facility 5.200m2 in total (4 stories)


Floating Dock 33.50 x 83.80m, 3000 tons Lifting Capacity
CNC Cutting ; Pre-assembly Hall 2 pcs 2 x 16 tons, 2 pcs 1 x 10 tons Overhead Cranes
Block Construction Hall 2 pcs 2 x 32 tons, 3 pcs 1 x 10 tons Overhead Cranes
Tugboat Production Hall 2 pcs 2 x 32 tons, 2 pcs 1 x 10 tons Overhead Cranes
Offshore Vessel Production Hall 2 pcs. 2 x 63, 3 pcs. 1 x 10 tons Overhead Cranes
SMPT (self-propelled modular trailer) 2 x 12 axels, 1200 tons and 2 x 10 axles, 500 tons
Forklifts 1 x 7 tons, 2 x 5 tons, 1 x 2 tons forklifts and 1 x 5 tons telehandler
Crane 45 tons mobile crane


CNC Cutting 12.000 tons annual steel cutting capacity
Pipe Bender 20 tons
Profile Bender 3×40 tons
Compressed Air 110 kW
Generators 600 kW and 2×360 kW
Fire Pumps 2 x 120 m3//h