Altinova Shipyard

NEW SHIPYARD in total area of 50.000 m2

To significantly increase the size and type of vessels it can build, Sanmar has built a new full facility shipyard at Altinova.

Sanmar’s newest shipyard is located in Altinova, currently 50 minutes by car and ferry away from Tuzla where Sanmar’s existing modern custom built shipyard is located.

The construction of vessels is already in full swing at the new shipyard. Now complete, the shipyard covers approx 50,000m2 in total of which 26,000m2 comprises a covered and closed production area. The infrastructure has been designed using the latest technology to ensure the maximum standards of health and safety and respecting the needs of the environment. Sanmar aspires to being the ‘greenest’ shipyard in Turkey.

Now that the new yard is up and running completely, the company plans to extend its scope with the construction of more sophisticated vessels adding to its already extensive portfolio of tugboats with AHTSs, PSVs, offshore construction vessels, and those using alternative fuels such as LNG, for which it has already built a fine reputation.

There is a RINA-classed floating dock that has been developed not only as a standard floating dock but as a tool to facilitate the launching of newly built vessels. With a deck reinforced to 10 tonnes/m2 in order to take a 24-axle Goldhofer heavy duty modular trailer/carrier and its load, the dock has an unusually deep pontoon of 4m, an inner beam of 28m and a length of 83.8m. It can lift a total of 3000 tonnes, however, provision has been made in the design enabling the dock, if required, to be extended to 120m and reach a lifting capacity of 5000 tonnes.


Total Area : 50.000m2
Closed Area (Total) : 27.220m2
CNC Cutting & Pre-assembly : 2.160m2 (18 x 120m, h:12m)
Block Construction Hall : 3.600m2 (30x120m, h:20m)
Tugboat Production Hall : 2.160m2 (18 x 120m, h:24m)
Offshore Vessel Production Hall : 3.600m2 (30x120m, h:30m)
Painting Hall : 600m2 (20x30m, h:12m)
Blasting Hall : 600m2 (20x30m, h:12m)
Multi-Purpose Workshop : 2.500m2, 2 floors
Warehouse : 4.000m2, 2 Floors
Social Facility : 4.800m2, 4 Floors
Management Building : 3.200m2, 5 Floors


Floating Dock : 30 x 120m, 5000 tons Lifting Capacity
Floating Dock Cranes : 2 x 10 tons
Outdoor Shipbuilding Area : 2×150 t Gantry Crane, h:50m
CNC Cutting & Pre-assembly : 1 x 20, 2 pcs. 1 x 10 tons Overhead Cranes
Block Construction Hall : 2 pcs. 2 x 32, 3 pcs. 1 x 10 tons Overhead Cranes
Small Production Hall : 2 pcs. 2 x 32, 3 pcs. 1 x 10 tons Overhead Cranes
Big Production Hall : 2 pcs. 2 x 63, 3 pcs. 1 x 10 tons Overhead Cranes
Piping Workshop : 1 x 5 t Overhead Crane
Modular Transport Sistem : 2 x 12 axels, 1200 tons
Forklift : 1 pcs. 10 t, 1 pcs. 5 t, 1 pcs. 3 t

Floating Dock:  Deep pontoon of 4m , inner beam of 28m and a length of 83,8m enabling to lift 3000 tonnes. Designed to be lengthened to 120m and reach a lifting capacity of 5000 tons. RINA classed.


CNC Cutting

Bending Press

Profile Bender

Eccentric Press

Compressed Air


Fire Pump


12000ESAB, annual steel cutting capacity




160KW + 600KW Compressor Capacity

330kVA +800kVA