Located in the midst of the famous Tuzla shipbuilding cluster, Sanmar’s purpose built tug building yard is dominated by a 144m x 16m x 23m clear height construction hall which allows six tugs to be constructed at any one time.

A further three units can be fitted out at adjacent floating jetties. On average, some 20 or more tugs per year can be completed with bollard pulls ranging from 30 to 100 tonnes plus a number of special purpose workboats.


To significantly increase the size and type of vessels it can build, Sanmar has built a  new full facility shipyard at Altinova.

Sanmar’s new shipyard is located in Altinova, currently 50 minutes by car and ferry away from Tuzla where Sanmar’s existing modern custom built shipyard is located. Upon completion of Izmit Bay Crossing the distance between two shipyards will decrease to 20 minutes.

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