Sanmar truly represents the modern and prosperous face of Maritime Türkiye. The company is in the business of operating tugboats, providing pilotage services and building tugs and workboats. It plays an important role in the industry – both in national and overseas markets.

Being Türkiye’s oldest tugboat company in the private sector, has stimulated Sanmar with the result that it now operates a powerful fleet with an average age of three years. With up-to-date equipment and well-trained and experienced crew, Sanmar provides a huge variety of services in various ports and around the coastline of Türkiye.

The tugs and workboats that Sanmar operates are constructed by the company’s own ship building department at two custom-built yards. Over the last few years Sanmar has been tendering for new building contracts and has been successful with many of them. The company now builds tugs, workboats and pilot boats for national and international markets on demand.

Sanmar also supports its customers by providing technical consultancy services in advising the most appropriate tug and workboat design and equipment that will meet their operational needs.