SANMAR has been in the tug business for more than 40 years, producing tugboats and providing tugboat services for various countries around the world.

A history full of success and accomplishments in the national industry encouraged the company to compete in international markets.

Today, it is sharing this experience with the global maritime industry in order to achieve higher goals. More than 180 tugboats that benefit from Sanmar’s years of expertise and experience are presently in operation on international seas.

The company aims to continue and improve its tug operations in Türkiye and Bulgaria, expand its fleet, develop its services and service quality whilst increasing construction and sales volume in international markets.


SANMAR, known as a “ROLE MODEL” in its sector, believes that permanent Customer Satisfaction stems from excellent work results.

This customer satisfaction is achieved through the realization of the importance of expertise, quality, HSE, teamwork, completing work on time and error-free, and reliability in our systematic approach.

Believing that miscommunication is the basic reason for poor quality, SANMAR pursues active dialogue with customers, suppliers, employees, legal authorities, professional organisations, and also with other shipyards, harbour and tug operators.

SANMAR carries out the operations in its scope of “TUG AND PILOTAGE SERVICES” by:

  • Compliance to International Rules, Regulations & Standards,
  • Maintaining all tugs, employees and other vessels ready for duty,
  • Ensuring timely compleation with a safe and healthy manner without any negative impact to the environment

SANMAR designs and produces vessels in its scope of “SPECIAL PURPOSE VESSEL BUILDING & AFTER SALES SERVICE” with continuously renewed original design and production qulity, modern infrastructure and sources, competent employees and approved suppliers.

During long Life-Cycle of the product the vessels have:

  • High Efficiency and High Performance,
  • High Safety and Protection,
  • Friendly to Technology and Modern Methods,
  • Environmental Respect

In accordance with:

  • Related International Class Authority Shipbuilding Laws
  • National laws and rules of corresponding Flag Authorities
  • Customer Expectations and Specifications

Code of Conduct