sanmar corona virus önlemleri

We have taken a variety of measures in our facility and among our stakeholders in order to mitigate the
situation, involving and not limited to:

  • Issuing communication throughout the company, providing information on the virus, and the ways to protect ourselves, our colleagues and our families,
  • Placing hand disinfectants in various locations in our facility, accompanied by posters on how to use them,
  • Scheduling the utilization of the cafeteria for meals, enabling smaller number of people to be present at any given time, with sufficient distance between them,
  • Providing breakfast in individual work areas rather than the cafeteria,
  • Limiting the number of people who may be using the elevators,
  • Checking everyone’s fever at the entrance of the facility,
  • Applying disinfectants throughout the whole facility on a weekly basis,
  • Cancelling all internal and external meetings except the very urgent ones, while putting significant emphasis on seating arrangements when a meeting isn’t avoidable,
  • Postponing all training activity,
  • Suggesting and supporting the re-scheduling of locker rooms’ utilisation,
  • Preventing access to our facility of anyone coming from abroad for fourteen days,
  •  Routinely cleaning all the door handles, railings, and other commonly touched surfaces in our facilities with applicable chemicals throughout the day, by dedicated personnel,
  • Sanitizing the employee transport vehicles twice a day (company provided employee transport to the facility is a common application In Turkey),
  • Applying disinfectants to all the received parcels and postage,
  • Paying extra attention to disinfecting the safety material provided to any guests (which already have been limited in terms of quantity and frequency) who may be visiting our facility,
  • Ensuring the on-board doctor pays particularly close attention to those who are in the higher-risk group.

During the Corona virus outbreak we are taking care to keep our physical distancing.

In addition to these, we have prepared our technical infrastructure to enable home office work, for those employees who may be able to carry their work from a distance.

As the situation in Turkey is somewhat unclear at this very moment, we haven’t taken any drastic steps to impose home office work. However, we have adopted a stance whereby we’re ready to send anyone home, who wishes not to be present in the office environment. We reckon the government may be imposing more strict measures any day now, which may extent all the way to halting production. We shall position ourselves accordingly.

Thermal cameras and walk through disinfection stations have also been installed in the entrance to our shipyards and dining halls.