A RAmbler 1200 Class Line Handling Launch

Targe Towing from UK have ordered two Robert Allan RAmbler 1200 multi-purpose mini tugs based on the successful twin screw RA 1600 design.  These vessels with have a designed bollard pull of 6 tonnes, a speed of 9.5 knots and be able to carry 12 passengers internally.

The pair is part of upgrading Targe’s fleet and will be brought into service at INEOS FPS’s Hound Point Marine Terminal on the Firth of Forth, where the company has provided towage services for almost 30 years.  Their principal task will be line handling operations for berthing large crude oil tankers up to VLCC.   They will support pollution response and safety patrols’ and will transport crews and light stores to and from the terminal.

Following the acquisition of three Bogacay Class Robert Allan 2400sx tugs over the past three years, the relationship between Targe and Sanmar’s design team is strong.  Targe’s MD Tom Woolley said:  “Whilst benefiting from proven standard designs from a commercial perspective, Sanmar’s design team work hard at accommodating bespoke changes for individual clients requirements.  Whilst these new multi-role workboats are an addition to Sanmar’s portfolio of vessels, the builder’s proven quality of build supported by Robert Allan’s internationally recognised reputation for design excellence, were important factors in awarding this contract to Sanmar”.